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J. Feltric Consulting Company

The scope of our services…

J. Feltric Consulting Company provide services in regulatory, legislative, corporate, and public affairs.   The J. Feltric Consulting Company serve as advocates in city, county, state, and federal government relations.  J. Feltric Consulting Company are partners in business development for markets in the U.S. and around the world.  Our company facilitates public, and private sector co-ventures.
The core competencies we deliver….
  • • evaluate government policies in light of client interests
    • assist with planning of client's strategy
    • maintain close working relationships with officials and civil servants vital to project success
    • represent client interests before government decision-makers

Project Finance

  • • analyze availability of government funding
  • • work to secure funding
  • • facilitate communication between project managers and financial community

Business Development

  • • assist with the development and implementation of business plans
  • • help private entities establish a business relationship with key government agencies

Information Flow

  • • monitor government climate to alert clients of potential impact on their business
  • • anticipate potential policy changes
  • • assist our clients to impact government decision-making

The types of clients we serve…

  • • Nonprofit Organizations
  • • Technology Startups
  • • Healthcare Organizations
  • • Educational Institutions
  • • Trade Associations
  • • Municipalities
  • • Banking
  • • Transportation

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